Home Winemaking’s Common Mistakes

It’s a thrilling process to see your fermented fruit turn into the flavorful alcoholic liquid that most of us enjoy. However, home winemaking is not a simple process. It is so intricate that many people experience failures during the first few times they try it. Here are some common mistakes to avoid if you want your first attempt to be as successful as possible.

Avoid Unnecessary Oxygen Exposure

The yeast used for fermenting the fruit needs an oxygen-free environment to thrive and reproduce. If you let excessive oxygen in, you will end up with a spoiled wine. The barrels should be placed in a cool environment with no contact with direct sunlight. When the wine has reached the desired level of alcohol, bottle it as soon as you can.

Avoid Aromatic Environments

The aroma your wine has should come from the fruit and its fermentation process, not from the absorption of other aromas in the environment in which the fermentation process is taking place. Because wine is an alcoholic liquid, it can absorb other odors in the environment. Therefore, be mindful of where you do your wine production.

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