Why Taking Notes Make You a Better Wine Taster

Let’s admit it. There are so many varieties of wine that it’s difficult for a beginner to remember even the name, let alone the peculiar characteristics of each style. If you want to have fruitful wine tasting experiences, consider taking notes. Each note can detail your opinion and perception about that wine, specifically:

  • Its look
  • Its taste
  • Its smell
  • Your personal opinion

By forming the habit of taking notes, you’ll find yourself more organized and knowledgeable when it comes to wine. During a typical wine wasting event, we often have the opportunity to taste dozens of styles of wine. However, our short-term memory often disappoints us when it comes to remembering all the details of the experience. Taking notes will help you fix this shortcoming. For the introverts who feel awkward in social situations, taking notes helps you avoid feeling nervous not knowing how to act. Once you get home, you can have a look at the notes and the lively memories will come back easily to you. This way, you don’t have to rely on your vague recollection when recounting your experience with others.

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