Creating Ambience in a Wine Bar

If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a wine bar, your main goal is undoubtedly to get customers through the door. Perhaps your rivals seem to be doing better than you, so what is their secret? If you were to take a look at their establishments, they probably have a lovely, convivial ambience to their bar. This could be due to the friendly staff, the comfort of the furniture, or, more importantly, the decor.

Creating Ambience with the Use of Posters

An affordable option to create a great atmosphere in your bar is to purchase some appropriate Posters with a wine theme, such as the ones available at Dear Sam. If you tend to sell a lot of French wine, then maps of the different areas of the country would fit in nicely. For example, Dear Sam has some posters of the Bordeaux and the Champagne regions. Again, if Californian wine is top-rated, then there is a poster of the Napa Valley district.

Continuing the Theme with Colour

The posters at Dear Sam are inexpensive, and as such, you could afford to buy a variety, and redecorate throughout the year. Continuing with the wine theme, you could have red coloured artwork to match the drinks. Using Dear Sam’s search feature is very easy, and by simply typing in the word “red”, you are presented with a vast range of options. You can soon create a gallery of your favourites to create a lovely, welcoming ambience.

By following the tips above, you are sure to create curiosity about your bar, with customers flocking to check out your new decor and how it adds to the excitement of their evening out. A few simple decor updates are all it takes for success!