How to Choose Wine for Your Big Wedding Day

Your big wedding day should reflect your personality and love story, and most important of all, it deserves the best food and drinks. Choosing wine for your big day can be stressful, especially if there will be more than 100 guests invited. As we all know, wine appreciation is a personal thing, and each one has his or her preferences. To make all happy, we need to come up with some safe choices that will work in most situations.

Never Stick to the Seasonal Cliché

There’s a cliché that white wines are best for spring and summer weddings while red wines are good for autumn and winter weddings. However, forget those clichés. As long as the wine matches the food, you are good to go. People want to enjoy their favorite red or white wine no matter what time of year it is. Below are some tips to help you make the perfect pairings.

Wine Pairings

You don’t need to hire an expensive sommelier to tell you which wine to go with what dish. If your budget is tight and getting such consultation is out of the question, there are some general rules to help you make the most sensible choice yourself.

  • Chicken dishes often go well with red or light to medium white wines.
  • Beef tastes better with red wines like Pinot Noir.
  • Fish generally go better with white or sparkling wines.
  • Pork can taste better if you pair it with stronger white like a Burgundy.

Serve at the Right Temperature

Wine tastes at its best when being served at the right temperature. Make sure you know how to properly store your bottles before the big day and that the serving staff knows how to properly handle wine.

How Much to Order

Generally, you should be prepared to serve one bottle to each guest, and add in a cushion to account for unexpected events. For example, if you intend to invite 150 guests, make sure to order about 180 bottles. Instruct your staff not to pre-open all the bottles. This way, if you don’t use up all the bottles on the big wedding day, you can resell them back to the wedding venue or consume them yourself during the honeymoon.

Above are some tips to help you pick the best wines for your big wedding day. Follow these tips, and you will have a fulfilling reception that guests will keep remembering for years to come.

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