Food and Wine Pairing

Every wine enthusiast knows how important it is to pair their food with the right wine. For example, even though red wines can go with a wide range of food, it’s not a good idea to pair them with salmon dishes because the tannins in the wine will cancel out the fattiness in the fish, leaving you with a fishy taste on the tongue. Fatty fish dishes often go better with wines that have strong acidity.

If you look at wine as another flavor added to the dish, it will make it easier for you to start making correct choices. Each wine has different characteristics when it comes to acidity, sweetness, tannin, and alcohol level. Depending on the food you will consume, you’ll pick the most suitable wine that complements that taste of the food, not canceling it out or overwhelming it.

Don’t panic if you make the wrong choice. It’s good to experiment with different tastes before you come up with something you are most content with. Don’t be afraid to do a test tasting where you try each food with each of the wines you have. This way, you know from personal experience why this doesn’t work or that works well, instead of blindly following people’s advice.

For cheeses alone, the possibilities are endless. Each type of cheese demands a different style of wine. Old cheeses often go well with bold red wines. Soft, creamy cheeses, on the other hand, pair better with sparkling wines.

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