Can You Make Wine with Other Fruits?

Can you get creative and produce other types of wine instead of sticking with grapes? Of course, you can. Many people are more addicted to apple wine or strawberry wine more than they are to traditional wine.

All you need to make wine is fermented fruit, so it can be any kind of fruit, provided the fruit has a certain amount of sugar in it. Orange wine has been gaining popularity just recently and it has been a go-to wine for people wanting to pair it with chicken or seafood dishes. Florida is one such region that is famous for its orange wine production.

For tropical climates, it’s not uncommon to find wines made from locally available fruits like pineapple, watermelon, banana, kiwi, guava, or mango. How wonderful it would be to produce banana wine and enjoy it with your favorite seafood dish?

Another important fruit wine category worth mentioning is berry wine. You can find blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry wines. They offer a rich fruity flavor that goes well with many dishes. If you are in the mood for a glass of wine before bedtime, these are the ideal choice.

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