Wine Choosing Tips for Beginners

For those of us beginners, when it comes to wine, picking the right wine for dinner this evening can be a daunting task. We may open the browser and try to absorb as much information as possible, but we still feel confused. Why can’t strong red wines go with my salmon dish? They seemed fine with my beefsteak. Perhaps, the best approach for beginners is to learn through trial and error. They say it’s your failures that teach you the most, right?

A wine expert once said: “When in doubt, pick a rosé”. You may be surprised to learn that a rosé can work wonders on many dishes. The acidity in a rosé will help bring out the essence of any dish.

Understand Why It’s on Sale

This is not to say all wines on sale are bad. In fact, during the festive seasons, you will very likely come across many brands on sale. A wine expert once suggested there are two reasons why a bottle of wine is on sale:

  • The ideal consumption period for that wine has passed
  • The wine is not selling very well, so the store wants to give incentives to get better sales

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