The Joy of Wine and Cake Parties

In the past, a wine tasting party was ideal for friends to socialise with each other. Despite their popularity, these events did not typically involve serving food except for the occasional plate of cheese and grapes. One viable modern alternative is to host a party that focuses on both wine and cake equally. On the surface, these two elements might not seem to go together. However, the reality is that the right dessert wine can be a delightful accompaniment to any type of cake. When creating this event, there are several things to bear in mind. One of the first tasks is to acquire cake accessories. The best site to order these from is Royal Design. It provides all of the necessary items to make the event a hit.

Cake Stands

The right cake stand will make the dessert even more attractive. Royal Design has an extensive cake stand catalogue for hosts to look through. It is a good idea to consider the overall colour scheme when picking one. This will include the colour of the wine. For example, if it is dark red, then the cake stand could be black. White wines will go well with a clear or yellow stand.

Choosing a Dessert Wine

It is essential that the host picks a wine that matches and complements the taste of the cake. They could read the label to understand what notes the wine has. Fruity white wine is good with cheesecake. Chocolate desserts can be complemented by spicy reds. If the cake is homemade, then adding the wine as an ingredient will likely go down well with guests.


Royal Design also specialises in classy, elegant tableware. There is a wide variety of products that are perfect for cake and wine parties. The host could choose a tableware set based on the style of their venue.

Indoors or Outdoors

The decision to base the party at an indoor or outdoor location will primarily be based on the weather. Regardless of where the host picks, these events can utilise the tables and chairs provided by Royal Design. This is because the site contains furniture for both exterior and interior seating.