Creating The Perfect Wine Cellar

There are many components that can be added to the home to make it extra special both for convenience and for enjoyment. A wine cellar can be added to this list. This is an addition to the home that can also add to its value being as wine is such a popular beverage.

Not A New Concept

Some may think when they are viewing a new home that the addition of the wine cellar is a new concept. This is not the case as there are many older homes that also have these. In fact, some homes have been known to possess hidden wine cellars.

Preparing The Room

In the average size home, the homeowner will designate one area of the basement for the wine cellar. The first thing that has to be done is to choose an area where there are no leaks.

  • Vapour Barrier: Preparation of the room will begin with the installation of a vapour barrier that needs to be behind the room’s insulation. This will provide adequate protection for both the warm and cold side of the insulation barrier.
  • Concrete Floor Sealing: The floor covering is important. It should be noted that just using wood or carpets will not work. They are too porous. The best choice is to install a concrete floor, but this too must be sealed.
  • Wall Construction: The walls will have to be furred with wood strips to help keep out the dampness. Following this, a proper wall finishing is needed.
  • The Door: This is just as important as the rest of the components that go into building the wine cellar. It cannot have any air links.
  • Keeping The Wine Cool: A cooling system will have to be installed that is capable of cooling the size of the room.

After this the final touches can be completed then the most exciting part will come with the stocking of the wine cellar with a great collection of wines. This is something that can be done over a period of time. Most do not have the budget to completely stock a newly built wine cellar. It is better to start off with a small selection of favourite wines. There is also the chance to put the word out about the new wine cellar so when it comes time to receive gifts the gift-givers will have the opportunity to give bottles of wine.